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Global Business page online directory: FAQs

Gaining single information about a business can be very daunting.   Thanks to online business directories that expose businesses as well as consumers to a wider range of opportunities.  However, in order to maximize the essentiality of a reputable business directory such as Global Business Page, you should be adept with all the details.  With this, here are the frequently asked questions regarding online business directories.

Who is eligible for directory listing registration?

Any organization or business, whether it is a product or service-oriented, can be eligible to register for a directory listing. Keep in mind that the purpose of online business directories is to advocate global awareness of business as well as services. With this, there is no exception.

What are the available directory options?

At present, you can choose from listing options offered by Global Page online directory.  These listing options comes with a full online Global page which include  the name of the business  along with other important information  such as  the phone number,  address and contact name.  For lower level of listing, they come with twenty-five word description of the business. On the other hand, the higher listing option usually commands seventy five words. In addition, the higher level of option also includes an extended profile of the business such as the number of employees and years of existence.

Are there refunds?

The charges required by Global Page online directories are relatively cheaper compared to other online directories.  As it is a cost-effective online presence for businesses, refund is not possible when you decide to remove your business from the listing.

What is the best thing to do when I am not able to locate the right category that fits my business?

In case of broad categories, there are some cases where in an organization may not be able to find the category that describes the services.  If this is the case, you can use the existing categories.  If it is not possible, feel free to email your concern to Global page online directory.  With this, Global Page will come up with a decision if they will inject new categories.

What if I am a member of the Global Page Corporation?

If you are ma member of Global Page, you are granted with the privilege to opt for free membership specified listing.  Additional chares may be applicable for additional business categories.

How will prospective visitors locate my directory listing?

Global page employs wide range of community platforms including media and various search engines in order to make sure that your business listing can be easily accessed by visitors.   Once visitors pay a visit to the site, they can easily access your business directory from the home page. By clicking the directory link, they will be able to have an access to the products or services of your business.

Above are the frequently asked questions about business directory listing. If you want to maximize the internet presence of your business in a cost-effective structure fee, you need to connect with Global page online directory now.

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